The FitMedia Co. Client Area

Bringing value to the Client is always important.

And for us, one of the ways we've wanted to achieve this is to set up a Client-Only Area on our website.

This isn't a 'paid subscription' members area but will be exclusively available to our current and future clients.

Once logged in, you will find a collection of useful videos, articles and links that serve the purpose of addressing topics such as: 'Adding Products to my Shopify Store', 'Setting up a New Client in My PT Hub' or even 'How to Use Webflow's Editor to Make Changes to My Website'.

We will also be covering other key areas, such as the process we go through when completing your projects, to provide a level of transparency and understanding between yourself (the client) and us at FitMedia Co.

If you are already a Client of ours and would like access to our Client-Only area, please visit and send an Access-Request. We'll see you on the inside!

FitMedia Co.

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